Thursday, 01 July 2021

Barrie Richardson Fund Raiser


A Husband A Friend A Colleague - Barrie Richardson 

As you know our friend and colleague Barrie tragically and unexpectedly passed away earlier this year, sadly and unbeknown to many, Barry had his own personal mental health battles he was fighting. Barrie supported many people over the years to seek the help and support they needed in their fight against Mental Health.

Barrie's husband Barry (Baz) was very much in our mind and we wanted to include him in our discussions as to how he thought we could celebrate Barries life and time with us.

From discussions with Baz it was evident that a sense of sharing, compassion and being part of the community was very much part of who Barrie was. A suggestion of a quiet seating area was put forward so that in some way we can all celebrate Barrie's life with those who loved him, but at the same time have somewhere where others could come at a time of contemplation and reflection to gather their thoughts. The outcome from this meeting was, we are to purchase the table illustrated below, which is already sited at Harraby Green.
Picture1.png   Picture2.png   Picture3.png
It is hoped through fundraising from friends and colleagues we can purchase the table and parasol. We are also looking at staining the table top and seats the colours of the "Pride" rainbow and the parasol will be the colour purple
At Barries Funeral - A celebration of his life, a beautiful poem by Jenny Joseph was read out, a poem that has meaning to so many people. There will also be a copy of the poem for those sitting in contemplation to read in their hour of need, you never know it may have a huge impact on someone's decision that day!
If you wish to donate towards the project to celebrate the life of Barrie, we are collectiong all donations at the Glenmore Trust Head Office, 9 Northumberland Street, Denton Holme, Carlisle, CA2 5HD